Drumbo Park | Custom Virtual Tour


Drumbo Park | Custom Virtual Tour

Drumbo Park, an impressive racing track with meeting areas and a spacious restaurant, presents a unique challenge for virtual tour creation due to its size and diverse facilities. A Custom Virtual Tour is undoubtedly the most effective approach to capture the essence of this venue.

The Custom Virtual Tour features a tailor-made navigation menu, inspired by the design and aesthetics of Drumbo Park’s website. It offers information hotspots, a location map with directions, contact details, and links to their social media platforms. This user-friendly interface allows viewers to effortlessly explore Drumbo Park and discover its various areas before visiting, planning a meeting or going to view the venue from the comfort of their smartphone.

In the future, the virtual tour experience can be further enriched with the addition of drone photography, videos, and potentially a voiceover. This comprehensive, multimedia approach will ensure that visitors receive a fully immersive experience, gaining valuable insights into everything Drumbo Park has to offer.

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4 August 2015
Custom Virtual Tour, Photography & Aerial
Drumbo Park